Biofilm Imaging

In collaboration with the Lars Dietrich Lab at Columbia University

Fueled by rapid developments in technology, the main dilemma of biology has shifted from simply acquiring data to that of interpreting it in a meaningful way. Recent improvements in imaging technologies now allow biologists to capture images and videos of life that, while visually stunning on their own, are difficult to interpret as data. The goal of the ADVP is to develop new visual tools to help scientists interpret this new type of data.

The project will focus on research and applications of state of the art computer vision and machine learning systems to analyze, process, interpret, and visualize a large set of experimental image data. As a result, the work will also explore a new role for visual designers in the development of machine vision and learning systems, a field which is still only in its infancy.

Project Team

  • David Benjamin, Project Director
  • Danil Nagy, Research Associate and Data Visualization